Saturday 6 January 2018

Early Elamite Army (3000 BC – 2100 BC)

Listed as Book I, 5a and 5b in the DBA army lists, the Early Elamites were constantly at war with the Sumerian. I built this army around the number of excess archers that remained in my collection.  The army is not one I would consider a ‘killer army’ but it does provide a player with a number of interesting challenges to overcome.

It can comprise of 100% archers (3Bw) but some may prefer the presence of skirmishers (Ps) to augment the army. I prefer their use as they can impede the progress of enemy so archers may shower them with arrows.  

The figures are Old Glory Amorites which are packaged half javelinmen and half archers. One pack was sufficient to fulfil the ‘a’ list, but I also found the javelin figures could be converted to ‘axes’  giving me the needed elements of blade (3Bd) for the ‘b’ sub-list. Other bowmen and chariot crew formed the two elements of ‘household’ retainers armed with bow (4Bw).

In the photo you will see the twelve elements that make up the 'a' sub-list. The WRG publication ‘Armies of the Ancient Near East 3000 BC to 539 BC by Stillman and Tallis describe Elamite fashion as progressing through three stages of evolution; being near naked, to wearing a kilt and finally a long tunic. The latter are worn by the household retinue (4Bw) of the ‘b’ sub-list while the remainder are in kilt.


  1. I like the look of these figures a lot and they could be usd in other armies as well.

  2. These are indeed versatile looking figures. These work well as Assyrian auxilia, Canaanite or early Syrian infantry. Painting the kilt with vertical stripes or a coloured hem with fringe would add further variety.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking too! Babylonians as well.

  3. Yes, those should make nice generic bronze age bowmen.

  4. The archer figures are from Old Glory's Syrian/Amorite infantry. The pack is split between 1/2 javelin and 1/2 archers.

    Note the two skirmishers with bow held in their right hand. These were former javelinmen.