Sunday 24 December 2017

Village - Old Kingdom Egyptian

After completion of the three Biblical armies I decided to construct an ancient Egyptian village before my next order of Biblical figures arrive. As with other BUA in my collection, each house is based separately to allow its removal when troop movement through the built up area is needed. 

These were relatively easy to construct. Using pink foam board as its core, each block was glued to a base made of triplex basswood (1.2 mm). This is then covered with Milliput and with an old toothbrush the walls and roof are given a texture, followed by adding the windows and doors. 

Given an undercoat of mat white, the walls were painted an earth colour and later dry brushed white. This last step was lightly done to give the buildings a weathered and uneven look. The village is inspired by the game movie – Assassin’s Creed Origins, were many of the buildings have decorative trim around its door and windows. As to what colour this should be is still up for debate, but which ever colour is chosen, this will also have a faded look to it. 

The answer will no doubt come after the village has been in use for a number of games, but for now the village is ready for use. Now I can begin painting the Old Kingdom Egyptians. 


  1. Thank you Phil,

    The Old Kingdom Egyptians lack only their ground work and they too can join the other three Biblical armies.

    In the next few days, I will use these in a series of test games primarily to see if there are additional terrain pieces needed.

    At the moment, new camps are a priority.

  2. I picked up some hard foam that florists use. I hope this will allow me to do something similar to your OKE buildings.