Thursday 27 July 2017

The Witcher Project - the Kingdom of Kaedwen

After Nilfgaard, the Kingdom of Kaedwen is the second largest kingdom on the continent. Bordered on the east by the Blue Mountains and the Kestrel Mountains in the west, the domain is heavily forested and in ages long ago were inhabited by the Elves. Through many conflicts with the humans the Elves slowly migrated to the lands south of Kaedwen known as Dol Blathanna. 

Map: Witcher Wikia.

Kaedwen has a long history of conflict with the neighbouring kingdoms of Temeria and Redania and this continues in the Witcher series. This animosity is quickly placed aside to fend off the Nilfgaard invasions, but would resume again when peace with the Black Ones is resolved. The fierce rivalry among the three would definitely add spice to a campaign as during the uneasy periods of peace each would exercise small incursions of smaller neighbouring kingdoms.

Kaedwen Coat of Arms (Witcher Wikia)

More than any other kingdom of the north, Kaedwen communities are a mix of human and non-human inhabitants, such as elves, dwarves, gnomes and Halflings, all of which will be covered later as a separate topic.

I have included a photo of the recently completed army of Kaedwen and in the background you will see the light horse of the Dun Brigade.

Kaedwen (revised 14-09-2017)
Book V, the Lady of the Lake, does reveal more information about the armies and particular units at the Battle of Brenna. While cavalry units in wedge formation are seen on the Nilfgaard side, no such formation is mentioned as being used by any of the Northern cavalry. For this reason, I would use the nobles in place of the Armigeri. Collectively, the horse archers and hussars make an ideal Dun Banner brigade, characterized by their beaver fur caps. The spearmen, crossbowmen, pikemen or archers would accompany the army when fighting outside the realm. For the defense of the realm during the invasion by Redania (Winter War), the marauding peasants and war wagons should be present.

1 x General (3Kn),
2 x Kaedwen nobles (3Kn),
2 - 3 Dun Banner brigade (LH)
1 x Armati (4Bd),
0 - 2 spearmen (Sp)
0 – 2 marauding peasants (5Hd),
0 - 1 crossbowmen (Ps),
0 - 2 pikemen (4Pk) or Bosnian archers (3/4Bw)

0 - 2  war wagon (WWg). 

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