Sunday 28 May 2017

Invasion of Hispania - campaign conclusion

Key Campaign Events

420 AD
The Asding Vandals take over former Suevi territory in Gallaecia. The Gallaecians are pleased to see the departure of the Suevi but are wary of Vandal attempts at public relations.

421 AD
The arrival of the Suevi in Lusitania infuriates the Alani. Government officials persuade the Alani with gold and new territory to move south of the Tagus. The Alani move in February to Baetica bringing them into direct conflict with the Siling Vandals. The engagement was a severe blow to the Siling nobility as many, including their king fell to the Alani skirmishers and heavy cavalry (4g – 1). In October, an attempt to assassinate Maximus is foiled and he flees to Tarraco.

422 AD
 The plot to assassinate Maximus sends the government into a state of flux. Each of the tribes expand their own territories and by spring, the Siling Vandals have a new king.

423 AD
By March, the Suevi have expanded their territory to the south resulting in a number of skirmishes with the Siling Vandal escalating to a full engagement. The Suevi were dealt a crushing defeat (5 – 2) in late spring (May) forcing the Suevi to seek territory further to the west.

424 AD
The Alani seize the lands vacated by the Suevi which was accomplished before April and before year end (December), the Asding Vandals had also profited from the Suevi departure.

426 AD
Following a series of defeats over the past years, the Suevi make no further effort at new objectives for the new year (January) other than to rebuild the army. The Alani and Siling Vandals create an alliance (August) with an objective to seize key cities, especially those located on the southern coast.

427 AD
Aetius campaigns against the Franks in Gallia which hinders the search for a solution in Hispania, so local officials attempt to forestall an Alani-Siling alliance by enlisting the aid of the Asding as foederati. The negotiations end in failure (September). Events now swing toward Africa as the machinations of Boniface to usurp authority have made him an ‘enemy of the Republic’.

428 AD
Under threat by armies sent against him from Rome, Boniface seeks help from the Vandals in Hispania. In June Gunderic dies and is succeeded by his half brother Gaiseric. Aware that the Asding are employed by the ‘Rome’ the charismatic Gaiseric persuades the Asding to unite with Siling and Alan to invade Africa. 

429 AD

The Asding Vandals do join their brethren and by May, the crossing to North Africa is accomplished. Of the barbarian tribes that crossed the Pyrennees in 409 AD, only the Suevi remain signalling the general population to take revenge and that is another story. 

Next post will give an assessment of rule changes and the battles. 


  1. Excellent - especially the Vandals' attempt at PR!

  2. Caliban,

    The success or failure of diplomatic attempts was dependent on the value of the card drawn and this accelerated the game.

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