Thursday 6 April 2017

Difficult Hills

At the moment I am refurbishing a number of collections to bring them up to a current standard and with the large number of historical games much of my terrain collection is experiencing the same process. Difficult hills are currently progressing through a third generation;

...from a ‘layer cake’ style, a sculpted style.

 Since DBA 3.0 I have discovered the effectiveness of medium and smaller terrain features over the larger pieces; fields (plough) and hamlet (BUA) are now 2BW x 3BW on average or slightly larger.

Regarding hills, I found it expedient to leave the larger pieces in their boxes and used the smaller low hills and add ‘rock’ to symbolise these as difficult. This worked fine until we started using armies that could use both difficult hills and rough ground. This hit a snag as there was not enough of the rock scatter material for both terrain features. Hence the third and hopefully last generation of hill type.  

The symbolic pieces are now larger which will nicely define the type of hill. The pieces will be finished as two types to serve in arid climes and the greener zones of Europe. A few small scale trees will be fixed to the pieces to avoid a bald rock feature.

These should be finished this weekend and ready for use in our next games. 


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  2. Interesting idea. I may have to try that.

  3. The difficult hills proved most cumbersome when moving them from their storage area to the game table. The goal is to have one small box for each of the geographical categories containing all the optional features.


  4. I look forward to seeing photos of the finished article!


  5. Great idea. (Your old hills look fine though.) Cheers, Karl