Wednesday 15 March 2017

II/28c Armenia 245 - 627 AD

Adding the Early Byzantine to the collection, primarily as opponents for my Sassanid, I began looking at other armies to collect and Armenia of the same period surfaced to the top. I must confess I know very little about Armenia of this sub-list other than it seemed its presence worked as a magnet to pull the major players (Byzantine & Sassanid) and a number of minor ones (Iberia, Albania, Arabs and Huns) into conflict.

Map: Atlas of Armenia (Wiki)

After several weeks of scouring the Internet I decided to bring order to all the loose pieces of information and construct a timeline. What I found is a treasure trove of political events which sparked military episodes begging to be made into historical scenarios.

The timeline is long and therefore will be presented in two parts. A third part describing some of the major battles might prove useful; however, this might change to a series of historical battles such as I have done earlier for the Migration to Kingdom project.

Timeline Armenia – part 1 (tomorrow). 


  1. Great stuff - thanks for doing this. Timelines are great tools, and it's good of you to post the fruits of your research.

  2. Caliban,

    Thanks for the kind word.