Wednesday 8 June 2016

Project Rome - The fall of 197 BC

September proved an uneventful month for both proconsuls and this sparked the Spanish into activity.
However, each attempt to change pro-Roman sentiment among certain tribes failed as did the skirmishes meant to disrupt supply and gold shipments.  

Events in Ulterior Hispania were developing toward a confrontation with the Lusitanian tribes. Forewarn of the threat, the proconsul ordered the Fourth legion to leave the Corduba mountain region and join the Second legion; these had not seen action yet and would welcome a fight. The Fourth legion was joined by a contingent of loyal Iberians and after a hard struggle; they beat the two armies of Lusitania and Iberia. 

Battle report can be found here

Meanwhile, south of the Ebro valley the Third legion moved against the Sedetano tribes that were threatening the gold and silver mines located nearby. The Sedetano were defeated with little loss to the Roman force.

With a string of victories, all four columns returned their winter quarters; the troops would be making repairs to their equipment, swap stories and enjoy the local entertainment while the proconsul’s would be writing their reports to Rome.

Those Spanish tribes that remained openly hostile would make new plans for next spring; hoping the winter chill will not dampen their fervor for a fight.


  1. Enjoying following this. Not going so well for the Spanish so far is it?

  2. Joseph,
    The Spanish do receive marks for battles won, but their success is mainly a measure of how well they can contain Roman progress.

    In two battles against the proconsul’s column they inflicted 30% casualties forcing him to call the propraetor with his troops to continue the campaign against Lusitania.

    The game moves quick enough that two campaign years can be played as a club tournament, players rotate between Spanish and Roman sides.

    Battles average about four turns to reach a decision and would take about 30 – 40 minutes which includes terrain setup.

    My regular DBA sparring partner enjoyed the game and we discussed the next stage needed, sieges.

    That rule set is nearly done and this weekend I should receive some books that will help me complete it.