Thursday 24 December 2015

Meroitic Kush – the miniatures.

The ten infantry elements are nearly complete but I thought I would place an update on the Kushite activity with a sample photo and brief text.

I am pleased with the range of clothing colour which disguises the fact that these are later period Sudanese. The muted green, blue and beige clothing are bleached to give a sense of long exposure in the sun and the skin tones and highlights have a natural sun baked appearance.

Figures were all rebased to group necessary sword armed types into two blade elements and the remainder now forms five elements of spear.

The three bow armed elements are Amorite taken from an Old Glory Biblical range. Their beards have been cut away and their clothing follows the standard fashion, however these do demonstrate their preference for another hair style.

The cavalry are Classical Indian types and with an application of Milliput now have a similar hair style as their brethren and round shields which replace the oddly shaped ones they carried before. The “Chief” has a crown similar to the illustration of King Silko done by Angus McBride and now sports a cloak.

The Milliput should be thoroughly cured tomorrow that I can finish the cavalry elements. One more day for groundwork and grass, these should be ready for their final photo this weekend. And this is just in time as a delivery arrived yesterday with figures for my latest project. 

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