Thursday 8 January 2015

List of known campaigns and battles

Here follows a list of known engagements held during the reign of the last three Carolingian rulers of East Francia. Descriptions of the battles do not give numbers, tactics or deployments and at best name only the principle leaders. We do know armies were not very large as logistical methods could not sustain armies in the field for long periods. 
I have a series of scenarios based on a number of historical events listed below and using DBA 3.0, many of these will be fought between unequal sized forces over unusual terrain setups making them unique. These will follow soon.

Louis the German,
825 Louis II campaigns against the Wends and Sorbs.
832 (2nd Civil War) Louis leads an army of Slavs to invade Alemannia. Louis the Pious disinherits Louis but is captured and deposed by his sons.
839 (3rd Civil War) Louis again invades Alemannia. By force of arms, peace was resolved between father and son.
840 Louis the Pious dies.
854 Louis invades Aquitaine to seize the crown from Charles the Bald, but turned back at Limoges.
858 Louis the Younger campaigned against the Abodrites to the east and again in 862.
863 Charles and brother Carloman revolt against their father Louis II.
876 Louis on the 8th October defeated Charles’ much larger host of West Francia at Andernach.
876 Louis II sent Charles and then Carloman with armies containing Italian forces under Berengar of Friuli, their cousin, to possess the Italian kingdom.

Louis the Younger,
880 Charles joined Louis III and Carloman, joint kings of West Francia, in besieging Boso of Provence in Vienne from August to September but they failed to dislodge him.
880 Louis confronted and defeated a Norse host at the Battle of Thimeon
880 Saxon army, led by Duke Bruno, brother-in-law to the king, was defeated at Hamburg.
880 Resettlement of the Great Danish Army to the Low Countries.

Charles the Fat
882 to 884, the Wilhelminer War in Marcha Orientalis (later Austria).
882 Charles campaigned against the Danes to reunite the whole of East Frankish realm. Besieged at Asselt, the Viking chiefs Godrey and Sigfred accepted Christianity and became vassals of Charles.
885 Siege of Paris.
887 General rebellion by Arnulf led his Bavarians and Slav allies against Charles.
888 Death of Charles, last Carolingian ruler of East Francia. 

This list is by no means complete, but will be revised as I encounter more information.  


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