Sunday 19 August 2012

The Late Hungarians

With the allies completed, I now have two DBA sized armies to do and so I split the task into two sessions; one of infantry and the last, all the cavalry.  

As you may note from the list below, the infantry are balanced between core troop types and skirmishers. With enough figures for all the options, I started painting this morning. Photo one, shows the results before lunch.

At lunch time, the weather became “tropical” that further painting would have to wait until the evening.  

Photo two shows the final results and the minis are now ready for varnishing. These will dry overnight and tomorrow, if the weather remains cool, I can clean and undercoat all the 36 cavalry; knights, lesser nobles and skirmishers, mostly Cumans.  

IV/43c Late Hungarian 1397-1526 AD:

1 x General (3Kn)
2 x Hungarian nobles (3Kn)
3 x Cumans, Jazyges, Ruthenians, Szekelers or Tartars (LH)
1 x Crossbowmen  (4Cb)
1 x Armati (Bd) or spearmen (Sp) or Ribauds (5Wb)
2 x Croatian, Transylvanian archers (2Ps) or (3Bw)
2 x German or Bohemian Handgunners (Ps) or War wagons (WWg)

The Ribauds will be taken from the pool of peasants which were completed last week. The only item lacking are the war wagons. These are not a high priority, as the Hungarians will enter the campaign at a later date and secondly, wagons will not take long to paint up. 



  1. Looking good! I love Later Hungarians and I hope they serve you well on the tabletop!

  2. Monty,

    Thanks for your kind words. I am painting 35 Late Hungarian knights and light horse. I should post a short report with photo on Wednesday. I shall also add an illustration showing the direction I am painting these.

    I like the armour painted as pale blue grey rather than using metallic paint.