Friday 27 July 2012

Medieval Austrians nearly done

These past four days we have experienced some opressive heat, by Dutch standards, so painting the medieval Austrians has proved sporadic. My production style has been reduced to working on one plinth of figures a day. Still, the results are an accumulation of many tiny steps.

All the foot figures are complete and are the six Coustilliers. This totals, 2 x 3Cv, 1 x Art., 2 x Ps, 2 x 4Pk, 1 x 4Cb and General with staff.

I chose yellow as a theme colour. This is less appearent as darker secondary colours can still dominate the figure. I chose reds and green for this. Some helmets are also painted which will help unify this command.

All that remain to paint are 12 knights, have of which ride armoured horse. These six will have decorative lances, no spirals but strips. It is still too hot.

Actually the heat has proved a blessing. Working with smaller number of figures during a session has promted me to look for a way to mix and/or thin colours quickly without it drying prematurely. A plastic lid served doubled a pallet. I cannot believe all these 50 plus years I have done without one.


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  1. I hope you painted with a glass of beer or cool wine nearby...