Monday 18 June 2012

Short update - Medieval Bavaria

Taking a break from painting at the moment as I wanted to add a few pictures and a bit of text. This first batch of medieval figures are done with the exception the two general whose horse trappings lack colour.  

This has taken longer than I expected as background information for the armies is also in a state of evolution, that is “speculation” based on plausible evidence. At the moment I am working on a 15th century Bavarian army, with Household troops accounting for one third of the total force. With blue and  white as theme colours the “uniforms” will follow the fashion of the time; a patch work of colour. The remaining Bavarian troops will represent provincial and city militia collected from other regions.

Theme colours I have taken from the coat of arms of the major cities within the provinces. So you will note a portion of the crossbow and Billmen are painted in household colours while the remainder have two colour combinations.

The second batch will consist of knights, Coustilliers and Pikemen; some of which will be Swiss mercenaries. The rest are Pikemen from various cities. When completed, the Bavarian army with options have 40 to 45 elements.


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  1. vodnik@bluewin.ch18 June 2012 at 14:51

    ...great work, most i like the color combination of the atrillery crew, but i have to wait for the Swiss...