Tuesday 29 November 2011

15mm Carolingian Franks - for sale

This is the last of four DBA Carolingian Frankish armies, as the first three have slipped out the back door and are winging their way to the US, Sweden and Italy.

The composition follows the proposed DBA 3.0 lists, which lists an element of bow to the current 2.2 version. With all the options, the army comprises of:

1 x Kn (Gen), 5 x Kn, 4 x Sp, 1 x Ps or Bw, 1 x Ps or Hd or LH or 15 elements.

$120.00 SOLD

All figures are Old Glory 15mm with the horde coming from the peasant and monks pack of the Medieval Crusade series. Good figures as many of the monks are spread through my other collections. The General's banner is the Oriflamme.

The second photo show two Bd elements that can serve as dismounted knights to add interest to non competition games.

$10.00 for the two.

All bases are 1.2mm triplex basswood and covered with sand, stained, dry brushed and flocked with electrostatic grass.

All queries regarding other options, shipping and delivery time from the Netherlands, please send to timurilank at-sign aol dot com.


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