Friday 5 May 2017

Historical Match - Sassanid vs. the Alani

By the 3rd century the Alan tribes had become scattered with the majority moving west. Those that remained north of the Caucuses Mountains formed a minor kingdom and would invade through the Caspian Gates plundering the rich regions to the south.

II/69a Sassanid vs. II/58 Alan 50 AD – 1500 AD
Steppe to include two gentle hills, two rocky ground and a river.

Game 1
The battlefield had a river coursing its way between gentle hills and rough ground and it was on the left bank that the Alani deployed for action.

The Alani remaining stationary merely extended their formation. In that moment the Sassanid moved forward and wheeled their formation to increase their frontage.

The combat that ensued had both sides moving back and forth and it was at this moment Ardashir suffered severe injuries and needed to be taken off the field and despite the loss of their king, Shapur spurred the Sassanid on to continue the fight (high pip scores). The heavy casualties on both side attested to the grim determination of each to win. Score 5g – 4 for the Alani.

Game 2
The second battle found both sides with room to deploy as rough ground and hills were situated to one flank.

This time the Sassanid was able to use the nobles and Asavaran cavalry to better effect.

The Alani line buckled leaving gaps which the Sassanid quickly took advantage of giving them a much needed victory. Score 4 -1 for Sassan.

Game 3
The final engagement was fought on an open plain flanked by low hills and a river.

The Alani spent their first moments extending their formation allowing the Sassanid to advance forward.

During the ensuing battle, the Sassanid centre broke through causing casualties for the Alani. The right flank had met with stiff resistance and could make no headway, but the left gave way to a hail of Alani arrows. Score 4 – 2 for the Alani.


  1. What a nice looking game!

  2. Thanks Phil,

    I have finished a dried river bed and gully for arid climates. So I shall look forward to using them in a game soon.