Wednesday 1 July 2015

The Roman Army (West) - the Auxilia

The Auxilia

Twelve elements of Auxilia are left and a few cavalry. The auxilia at this period are depicted with no armour, dark trousers, linen coloured tunic and a wool cap. With shields being the only unique feature, I decided to play with the range of clothing colour options.

The twelve units were recruited from a variety of provinces, including Italy. This would offer some variation to play with regional colour preferences.

The units from Spain and Thrace will have darker tunics or near black, the Voluntariorum, various green and blue shades and the remainder, near white. I am aware borders may have appeared at this time, but I find painting twelve shield patterns enough work.

The twelve Auxilia elements were grouped in pairs and ready for the last stage, the shields. I selected six patterns and depending on the ground colour being would alter between light or dark, designs in yellow or white.

The “Italian” are four newly raised volunteers or Voluntariorum c.R. or civium Romanorum. Their shield patterns would display the eagle, wings or wreath or a combination of these. The remaining eight, mostly from Spain, Thrace or Gaul, would have swirls, stars and cresent moons. These patterns are repeated against a different ground colour.


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  1. Great choice of colours!
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