Tuesday 9 June 2015

Sassanid in battle array.

I had an opportunity today to do a photo session. Here are the Sassanid marching to meet Rome.

The advance guard.

The left wing cavalry

The central command

The right wing cavalry

The Immortals

The elephant corps

The levy.

The foot archers

The remainder were based during the army list “draft” phase as six elements of 3Bw. This will mean re-basing two elements as Ps, but the remainder will be used to fill in the archer compliment for a future collection for which I have three in mind.  

The grass scatter pieces are from Leadbear of Australia. These are dried grass of 12mm length, perfect for scrub of arid regions. I have added "Acacia" trees to the scatter collection. These were older Woodland Scenic trees reshaped to fit the proper profile.   

More photos.


  1. Fantastic looking army - love the Cavalry and the levy - Great!

  2. Very nice looking army. I hope they do well for you in battle

  3. @Phil,

    Thanks. I like the cavalry as well.


    I am pleased with the Sassanid "a" list which duplicated Ardashir's early campaigns against Parthia.

    At the moment, I am testing the "b" list and results will be posted at Fanaticus section for the Severan Project. Working with Horde and Elephants is a bit tricky.


  4. Very nice indeed Robert they look great matey! :)

    Adrian aka Barbarian