Wednesday 18 March 2015

II/22 Arabo-Aramean, part 2

The Kingdom of Adiabene,

Unlike Hatra, which was situated on the commercial network as Palmyra, Adiabene's location brought it in constant rivalry with the neighboring Kingdom of Armenia. Her location was situated on the thoroughfare between Armenia and Parthia and later Sassan. 

Painting the army. 
Two of the six bowmen are clad in chain-mail and are distinct with their white plumes and cloaks and these are my Palace Guard. The remaining bowmen are painted in muted colours which brought a nice eastern look to both commands. The darker clothed figures in reds and brown carrying shield are fast blade. 

As both armies are nearly identical in appearance, the only visible difference between the two kingdoms are the banners they carry; the Goddess (Hatra) and the crossed Palm Leaves (Adiabene). This makes combining the two for large scale battles easier.

Both armies have not had a sterling combat record; against the desert nomads, they have not fared to well and as allies for Parthia they were consistent, they fled. 

More later when I present scenarios for this project. 

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