Sunday 22 March 2015


Today's post in the series of enemies for the Eastern Roman are the Parthians. The revised 3.0 army lists give Parthia an increase in options; bowmen, both fast and solid Auxilia, and same number of skirmishers. The extra foot will help fighting the Armenians or the hill tribes of the Caucasus. The number of Cataphract (4Kn) are increased by one element giving them a maximum of six and of course lots of LH. 

In the Resource section of Fanaticus are Parthian Army notes,  army notes written by Tom Ryan. The article covers the origins and gives good background information for which I have used to search further the twilight period of Parthia. As this project does centre on the last quarter century Parthian Empire and the number of campaigns fought by the emperors Septimius Severus to Elagabalus the composition of my Parthians will be solely mounted. 

At its completion, the Parthian army will consist of three identical commands, each with a theme colour. As the project expands, there will be a number of allies added to the list for both sides to employ.

Parthian command: 1 x Kn (General), 2 x Kn, and 9 x 2LH.

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