Sunday 10 September 2017

DBA Terrain Type - Dry

Compulsory: rocky or scrub
Option: dune, difficult hill, oasis, BUA.

My recent project, the collecting Muslim armies of the 8th and 9th century AD, I have realized that without exception these all have ‘dry’ geography as home terrain. Despite both the Umayyad and Abbasid Caliphates occupied a similar home, only the Abbasid may use ‘arable’. This means other Muslim armies have rocky or scrub as compulsory terrain and a number of BAD GOING terrains. Their construction can be found at the previous pages. If you wish to broaden the variety of rocky ground you might consider painting black rock as would be found in volcanic areas. 

Rocky ground.

The long dried grass (12mm) I use is from Leadbear of Australia. These are self-adhesive pieces and easy to work with. Fixed to small kidney shaped bases the outer edges are coated with a mix of white glue and sand. This is later painted an earth colour and dry-brushed. 

Scrub (dry grass)

I have three of these of different sizes so players may have a choice. These are painted a desert colour so there will be no mistaking them as anything else but dune. 


Difficult hill
I have described the construction of these at another page, but would only add, if fighting takes place in a volcanic region, then the hills should also have black rock formations. 

Difficult hill.

Any one of the pieces serving as dune can be quickly made an oasis with the addition of palm trees and a waterhole. The palm trees are ‘cake decoration’ manufactured in China. The fronds are dry-brushed yellow and later given a wash of mid-green. The trunk is similarly treated, but with mid-grey and both operations serve to tone down the glossy appearance. The water hole and palm trees can be removed during play and to economise construction, you can use a dune template to serve for an oasis. 


These dwellings were made after the release of version 2.0. I still use them and they have been re-based with a walled enclosure added. I can use one or all three depending on the size of the BUA template. Adding palm trees or scrub will also enhance their look.

BUA (desert dwellings).

The BUA template can also double for rocky ground or scrub.

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