Sunday 10 September 2017

DBA Terrain - Scatter material.

Scatter material is a generic term describing small bits of terrain, placed on the game board these can better define a battle's geographical location and add an ambience for photos taken during a game. Some examples of these are grass pieces placed on a template to represent scrub or the same pieces placed along the bank of a waterway so it may represent a large river. Trees or stone can also be placed about BUA, river or other terrain features. Same readers may find this extreme, but if we pay attention to detailing the armies we use, could we not make a similar effort with the terrain we use. Many of the examples presented here were result of continuous experimentation.  


Scatter material are not large pieces, the bases are generally triangular or oval shaped and measure roughly 1 - 1.5BW square. The majority are fixed on triplex wood, 1.2 mm thick, and with the items glued, this is textured with a mix of white glue and sand, painted an earth colour, and dry brushed. Some items are based on clear acetate of the same thickness as you will see in the photos below. 

Grass based on clear acetate. 

Most of the items are given a finish to blend with the two game mats used; green grass for Western Europe or an earth brown for arid climates. For example scrub, for Western Europe I use heather or clump green foliage and for those battles set in Africa or the Middle East that same scrub will be dried grass.

Trees are also duplicated so fir and deciduous types can be used for wood in European areas and are palm trees for tropical locations. In a similar manner, I used ‘rocks’ carved from pink foam to use as rocky ground and difficult hills. For use with difficult hills these have been replaced with larger pieces also painted for use in either European or arid locations. 

Wood (fir and deciduous).

I mentioned bases made of clear acetate bases and on these I fix long green grass of 12mm length. Placed over a green-brown template, this can depict boggy ground for arable locations or exchange the template for one painted blue and this can depict marsh for littoral locations.

Long green grass as scatter material.

The self-adhesive grass is from the Leadbear’s Tufts collection which has a wide selection of type, length, and colour. Leadbear is in Australia and delivery is quick and postage inexpensive. The link will take you to his Facebook page where you can view his product. Highly recommended. 

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