Thursday 19 May 2016

Project Rome - The Iberians

The Old Glory order of Spanish arrived yesterday afternoon and these are enough to build two Iberian armies, one using the 3Ax option and the other, 4Ax, one Celtiberian and one Lusitanian. I am pleased that these arrived earlier than expected and quickly cleaned, based and undercoated the two Iberians commands.

Painting these two should not take long as I had been preparing for their arrival gathering painting information, searching the internet for photos of inspiring collections and of course background information. The “solid” troops will have more white tunics among the figures, possibly 60% and to contrast these, the second command will have a variety of earth and blue colour.

The cavalry and light infantry figures were cast with javelins in contact with either their helmet or their shoulders. These were freed and reset in a different position which gives a better impression of variety. They are great castings despite that one shortcoming.

I have been following a Spanish TV drama called Hispania, the Legend which follows the life of Viriatho from shepherd to rebellion leader. Watching the series has given me ample ideas for clothing colour. 

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