Saturday 19 December 2015

Meroitic Kush

The Meroitic Kush comprise of two elements cavalry, infantry wielding spear or blade supported by both formed and skirmishing archers.

The mounted figures are leftover Indian cavalry and a sparing use of Milliput was used to fill out the shield to give a circular form and the hair was modified to conform to the style of the other figures. The general should have a cloak and head piece similar to the Angus McBride illustration of King Silko.

The infantry seen below will need to be re-based to build two elements of blade with the remainder spear armed. Most of these have kilts which will be painted in a variety of drab colour and leather gear. Skin tone will be articulated to reveal more muscle and arm bands.

The hair style for the bowmen will also be treated with Milliput and clothing colour will follow a similar pattern as the infantry.

These should not take long to paint up and planning six different clothing colour plus lighter and dark skin tones should give quite a variety to the group. 

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