Wednesday 5 August 2015

The Caledones

The Caledones.

Compiling a list of enemies for the Middle Imperial Romans of the West, the majority of these are foot armies; Pict, Early Germans (Marcomanni and Quadi) and Carpi. Of these, the Pict are armed with pike, the Carpi have a few blade and the remainder are warband and based as "solid". The later give good account of themselves in our test games against the legions.

Searching through my painted leftover elements, I found a collection of rarely used figures that would serve as Caledones (tongue in cheek) and with the addition of chariots could be field as complete.

These extroverts are Reaper (Shadow Corp) 15mm Dwarf berserkers which are identical in height to the Old Glory Pict. Aside from the few with an odd hair-do, these fit description of the Caledones as "naked to the waist" or all over.

I have repainted their hair and highlighted muscle area and now have a full command are ready to take to the field. During our test games, the Caledones have beaten the Pict on a number of occasions, but have not fared as well against Rome. Still, these are a conversation piece.


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