Friday 7 August 2015

The British (2nd/3rd century AD)

These British were cobbled together from various barbarian types including Gauls. The intent here is to provide the Severan Romans operating in northern Britain with an enemy in addition to the Picts and Caledones.  During the reign of Antoninus Pius, Rome extended her northern boundary beyond the Forth-Clyde isthmus marking the frontier with the construction of the Antonine Wall. The occupation become short-lived as the Brigantes rose in revolt (155 – 157 AD) and on that note, the British collection was made.

The twelve elements here represent the most likely force to rebel against Rome; one commander (Cv), a number of light horse (LH), a horde or warriors (Wb) and scouts (Ps). We have a number of club members collecting Marian Romans and Gauls and have therefore ordered chariots to extend their use to an earlier period.  


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