Sunday 20 October 2013

Castle Building – the interior

I have added a few items to the model. A second smaller tower now flanks the main hall. and to fill a vacant spot near the gatehouse, another block was cut and completely trimmed and scored.  

All exterior surfaces now simulate a stone surface. This would be complete if it were not for the gatehouse. There is something not right about it and I have tried arranging the pieces in different combinations. Generally a good night’s sleep will help me find a good solution.

Once the final arrangement is made I can prepare a base for the model. The model remains 3 x 3 (BW), but the base will be slightly larger to allow for boulders to give the impression of a mountain hilltop.

Looking at the arrangement there would not be too much changed to make the castle appear Italian; pitch of roof less pronounced, wall surfaces should be smooth to reflect the use of brick or plaster.


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