Friday 18 October 2013

Castle Building – the courtyard

This photo typifies the interior of the castles shown earlier, certainly not late medieval castle but gives an idea of the sloping ground, stone finish and arches that need to be constructed. At ground level are areas for storage of food stocks, a carriage or two, stables, kitchen, servant and castle guard quarters and the upper levels, the noble’s apartments and great hall.

The courtyard should be able to hold a double sized element of foot (40 x 40 mm). I have a number of these among the Italian, Swiss and Mercenary commands. The courtyard will be elevated perhaps 10 mm so the arcade, stairways and balcony should allow for the change in elevation.

Archways, doors and a staircase are added and a stone finish seen here will also cover the exterior walls. The blocks will need further trimming so as to able to form up around the perimeter of the courtyard. I have done that with the two sections next to the right of the gatehouse. 

The two pieces in the foreground will be the raised courtyard. This will need to be trimmed and graded to meet the gatehouse. I see now the end result will not be 40 mm square but will certainly accommodate majority of other elements. 

Further, embrasures will need to be added to the tower and I just may add a second,but smaller tower to flank the main hall. 

Next, the "shape of things to come". 



  1. Looking good. Where is the courtyard in the top pic?

  2. I must admit the first pic is really impressive, a great place...waiting for the next step!

  3. @ Paul,

    I must admit while researching the Internet I used a variety of searches and did not document the many photos found. "Castles of Austria", "fortified manor Germany" were just a few keywords used.

    It is Austrian, but the fachwerk or wood trim is Renaissance.

    I should have the extra sections (one or two small towers) cut and trimmed plus exterior stonework done today. At least that is the plan : )

    Tomorrow, more photos and write up.