Friday 7 December 2012

BUA Village

I have constructed a series of smaller houses to assemble as a hamlet for our DBA 3.0 games, but wanted to build something that could represent commercial activity, a town.
Photo one, shows the pink foam board cut into rough form; structure body is separate from the gable roof. These were glued together and given an undercoat.

With a hard pencil, I sketched the timber frame, windows and doors and in some cases stonework. Painting the windows first, I followed with grey for all the stone work, and for the larger areas, I offset this by using pastel colour.  With a steady brush stroke, I painted the timber frame and highlighted were needed. The embossed roofing is from Vollmer.

Completed structures were paired, glued to their bases, groundwork applied, painted and flocked.

Total time to complete, one day.


  1. Good work! Are they 15mm scale?

  2. The French column of OG15s are placed to give you a sense of scale.

  3. Love your work, am looking forward to reading more.

    Some excellent tips for Terrain and BUA's, many thanks.