Sunday 15 July 2012

Late Swiss (modified following DBM ­­­­­­­­­­­­­options)

This list differs from the DBA 2.2 version, in that it lacks knights and more pike.  Reading the DBM footnotes, the halberdiers were still used in significant numbers through the early 15th century. At Arbedo, they outnumbered the pike. This list is what I would envision a corps of Swiss mercenaries employed as “allies” to an Imperial Austrian force at the opening of my campaign.

IV/79 Late Swiss 1400 – 1522 AD:

1 x General (Bd)
3 x Halberdiers Bd)
6 x Pikemen (Pk)
1 x Handgunners (Ps) or crossbow (LH)
1 x Handgunners (Ps) or artillery

Searching through TMP Medieval threads, there has been a wealth of links and photos covering the Swiss. From a client, I have also received further information for flags and coat of arms for the various cantons. In short, I could say I have too much information, so where does one begin.  

I would certainly divide the command into three groups and model each group after a particular canton. However, as these “hirelings” would be far from home, I would have half the number of figures in cantonal colour and the remainder in earth tones of brown, green and grey. The white cross would certainly be displayed on their clothing

Strange enough, I had not planned to paint Swiss, but originally wanted the pike and blade figures to represent militia from the cities and noble household guard. The more information I collected for this period a story line developed which have numbers of allies available to the major participants of my story.

The Duchy of Bavaria is now a union of four regions; Landshut, Ingolstadt, Straubing and Munich. Austria is supported by Steiremark, Kärnten, and Tirol. Bordering the Austrian lands to the east is the Kingdom of Hungary and in the south I may add a Communal Italian state. The Bishopric of Trento appeals to me as little is known, which invites the creative mind to speculate.  

Next step is to add clothing colour.

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