Saturday 23 June 2012


I have slowed my painting tempo to put more thought about how to simulate painting armour without using metallic paint. Using the Renaissance masters as a guide, ground colour varied from light grey or blue to dark grey. To simulate the variation in quality or manufacture of the knight’s armour, I too used different shades of grey to dark grey. With four plinths full of knights to paint, I mixed four different shades for my basic armour.

The next photo shows the result of highlighting the edges of plate armour with white. This is less evident with a light grey ground colour, but stand out nicely with the darker grey.

The next stage is to add colour to horse harnesses and lances of the knights. I plan six colours which will run diagonally through each plinth to take advantage of the variation in rider and horse. This should take another day. My first batch have been varnished so adding the knights, I will have 28 elements done. I only lack 8 elements of pike and my first three commands of Bavarians will be complete.

I have a commission project to do first before I can start on the Imperial commands, but that will not stop me from ordering more Legio Heroica before the end of the month. I want to take advantage of their 20% discount.


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