Sunday 24 June 2012

Knightly colour

As I described in yesterday’s post, I used six theme colours for the knights, three light and three dark. Not only the lance, but horse harness was done in the same colour theme. Further highlighting and lining were added to “tighten” the general appearance.

In addition to the 24 knights, there are 6 Coustilliers that will offer a support role for the Kn. All that needs be done is to varnish the figures. Legio Heroica offer horses with appropriate barding, but these I have reserved for the Imperial armies.

The first batch, completed last week are now based as 2 generals, 2 x 3Cv, 4 x 4Bd, 4 x 4Cb, 4 x 2Ps Handgunners and 2 x Artillery elements. All that remain to be done for the Bavarians are 8 x 4Pk.

The three Bavarian armies are modeled after the proposed Book IV/13c list. The DBA 3.0 list differs from the DBA 2.2 in that double based knights and war wagons are no longer required. Later, I shall add a few wagons as an optional camp.   



  1. Those are fine looking figures. Nice job.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. Today's post and photos add the last units to complete the Bavarians.

    Now the Imperial Austrians.