Friday 15 April 2011

Medieval Russians – part three

After the basic colours for face, armour, spear, belts and boots this left only the clothing and shields. Both clothing and shields I will paint white, so colour will stand out better, as I like to use thin coats of paint. Starting with the lighter colours first; breeches for one, shirt for another I will add another colour to my pallet and create a different tone or shade for the next figures. Keep in mind, as you are doing this, the colours for shirt and breeches should complement one another and not distract the eye.

About the horses, when dry brushing the horses. I use GW Bleached Bone.

Begin with the hooves as these will pick up dust first, then let your brush strokes move from the bottom up. With this method you will pick out leg, chest and back muscle, plus hair in the mane and tail rather easily.

Lastly, if you want to paint a white sock here and there, use a thin coat of white and apply this as a touch up. White socks or legs did not remain white, but turned nearly gray from dirt, dust and mud.
Gray horses, substitute white for bleached bone. With a gray undercoat, black wash and white dry brush, this technique makes painting horses a breeze.

Next, shields, flags and banners


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