Tuesday 26 April 2011

Medieval Russians – part three

Figures are now based and ready for their ground work. Here, I use sand mixed with white glue. This will dry overnight, so I can apply thin washes of ground colour. After drying, I dry brush with two colours to pick out the ground and then the incidental stones. The electro-static grass will cover only 30 to 40% of the ground, so this offers a nice balance

I prefer to paint my own flags, as I can play with the dimensions and colours. These were rather easy to do and while painting these I also finished flags for my own Moghul and Hindi armies (18th c.). About the flags, I place these on brass wire staffs which are glued to the base and not a figure. As my flags are not scaled, they will usually not fit stantard bearer's staff. Secondly, I avoid handing the figures as the element can be picked up by the staff. For this particualr army, flags/banners are supplied to all Cv and Sp elements.

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