Thursday 14 July 2022

Pre-Feudal Scots

These were recently added to the collection and hopefully they will deliver a migraine to my Normans. The figures are Feudal Castings, still available from Thistle & Rose (USA) and although their website is still in production, they do have a FB presence from where you may view their line. 

These are clean castings with minor variations of poses. Organised in a similar manner as the earlier Picts, the army is bolstered with a small number of mounted and thegns for support.

Before painting the plaid designs, I tested colour combinations of ground and colour of stripes that would work well together. Six colours where chosen and I experimented with different but complementary colour for stripes.  

Clothing for command and thegns were given a brighter shade of colour, possibly a Norse influence. The entire collection represents two commands including options, giving a total of 28 elements. Of the eight enemies listed, I lack the Anglo-Danish and Scots Isles and Highlanders. 

The banners are conjectural and could fit for the period of the 9th to 11th century, these are the Celtic cross and a few animal motifs for conservative leaders. Extra banners were made as these can be exchanged.

Additional detail. 16-07-2022

Looking at the photos, I decided the plaid designs needed an improvement. With thinned white paint and my smallest brush, I highlighted the plaid. This tightened the design of the plaid. 

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