Monday, 2 November 2020

The Latest Updates

The campaign rules for 15th century Northern Germany are being developed and while reviewing old topics of the late medieval period posted eight years ago I thought updating them would prove helpful. Between 2012 and now much information has become available through the internet, book and video presentations. 

Revising ‘Cities and Towns’ gave a better understanding of the guilds, armament, and upkeep of a walled city. Society changed dramatically as wealth would change hands to the urban elite from those of the noble families.  

‘Banking’ also made significant advances beneficial for trade and commerce in the form of loans, interest rates, currency exchange and more. The need to fight banditry or piracy and overcome the disruption of incidental wars would move banking facilities to add ‘insurance’ to their list of services. 

‘Commerce and Trade’ included some information of the Hanseatic League, but this topic will be treated in the topic listing the states participating in the upcoming campaign. As mentioned elsewhere, most of the participating states form the northern part of Germany and it was for this reason a new topic was added – ‘Geography of Northern Germany’. 

Follow the link to the ‘Index’ and at the bottom you will find the above topics under ‘Background Research’ 

The goal is have some aspect of each topic appear in the campaign rule set and for my own benefit some possible ideas appear at the bottom of each page. Banditry and piracy were a common affliction affection nearly all the North German States that work has also begun on a naval supplement. Naval conflicts were rare, but piracy was rampant. This will also mean adding ships to the collection.


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