Tuesday 25 July 2017

The Witcher Project - the Northern Kingdoms

An Introduction.
North of the Yaruga River are the realms known throughout the Witcher series as the Northern Kingdoms. Of these, Redania, Temeria and Kaedwen are largest and are also the focus for the next phase of this project.

The troops of the Northern Kingdoms are similarly equipped as Nilfgaard and if you have seen any of the game movies you will have noted the small badges to signify the allegiance of a particular character or soldier. The badges are actually too small to paint on a figure but the colour preferences of each kingdom can be used. Generally, the colour of tunic and breeches are less sombre than those of Nilfgaard with some combining multiple colour schemes and stripes.

Each of the kingdoms also makes use of mercenaries which have been displaced by the wars prior to the First Nilfgaard-Nordling War. The years of incessant warfare among the Northern Kingdoms have produced many roving bands of mercenaries offering their services to the highest bidder; these can be distinguished by their motley appearance. Dwarf units also appear as allies for a number of kingdoms. 

When not allied to fight off the Nilfgaard invasions, the Northern Kingdoms were at war among themselves. Redania meddled in the affairs of Temeria and Kaedwen sought expansion among the smaller kingdoms along the Pontar River, therefore, plenty of material for a campaign. Collecting all the minor kingdoms is outside the scope of the project, but I will focus on the three largest kingdoms, Redania, Temeria and Kaedwen.

As most of the Witcher game series takes place north of the Yaruga River, there is an abundance of information to be found at the Witcher Wikia covering each of the kingdoms and their military arm.

Next post: Kaedwen.

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