Monday 10 April 2017

Difficult Hills – completed project.

The mountain tops are painted in two styles, one for greener areas and the second for dry regions. Adding trees to the hilltops would be the final step and for these I purchased a bag of fir trees from my local supplier. The twenty pieces varied in scale such that half were not really usable (11cm) and there were not enough of the smaller types to use.

The problem was solved by clipping the tops off the larger trees as seen in the second photo. The ‘trunk’ was simply the wire centre and bristles tightly rolled up. The lower piece was re-shaped and will be based with others for my ‘forests’.

As you will note from the previous photo, the fir trees have a shiny dark green colour. This was changed to a light green shade by brushing white glue on the bristle tips and dipping the tree in a bag of Woodland Scenic turf (light green). The trees are glued to the mountain tops and I applied sparingly some electrostatic grass to add contrast.

 Investigating photos of ‘arid’ landscapes actually showed very little vegetation so I sprinkled some electrostatic grass to finish the pieces. The hill pieces were done a year ago and I had not realised my colour preference for flocking had change, so that will need some attention to bring consistency to the feature.

Next project is a new DBA game mat.


  1. Your difficult hills look great!

  2. Herr Zinnling,

    Thanks. They are currently being used in the next series of historical matches.


  3. Very nice. What were the bases of the hills made of? I likely missed that blog post...