Thursday 7 July 2016

Project Rome - the Numidian, the final test game.

Test 3. 
The final test Rome exchanged the Celtiberian for Iberian allies (Cv, 2 x 4Ax) as it is believed these would perform better against the Numidian Ps. The Numidian army retained the same composition as per game 2 as the blade and elephant combination worked well together.

Numidia deployed first and spread her battleline astride an opening between two wood; the blade and elephant formed the centre and each flank was supported by an equal number of LH and Ps. Rome used the hill to anchor her right flank with her battleline extending out toward the open plain. The Iberians were placed on the left to deal with any enemy flanking moves.

As the battle lines approached closer the Numidian line wheeled slightly to right while moving LH to threaten the Roman rear. On their turn the Roman countered by adjusting their line and face the cavalry to meet Numidian Light Horse.

With the centre now engaged, the Numidian moved his Light Horse from the left flank to the opposite side to add its weight on the cavalry action taking place. The situation was quickly becoming serious as both sides were steadily inflicting casualties bringing the score to an even 3 -3 at the end of turn six.

This game was just as exciting as the previous two and Rome managed to destroy a slippery Ps to earn a 4 – 3 win. The Iberians earned praise as they accounted themselves well killing two Ps. On the debit side, Rome lost their cavalry to a swarm of LH  and a unit of blade fell to the elephant, the latter remained on the battlefield trumpeting its defiance.

Next series, the Iberians. 

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