Wednesday 8 June 2016

Project Rome - Surprise attack, the Lusitanian and Iberian.

Rome faced two tribes, the Iberian troops on the ridge to front and lurking about the woods were the Lusitanian tribe that had earlier taken a thrashing by the proconsul in an earlier battle. The propraetor focused therefore on dealing with the Iberians as defeating them would give the Lusitanian very little reason to remain on the field.

To do this, the Fourth legion deployed facing the hill with the allied legion split with each half positioned on either flank of the Fourth. The Loyal Iberians were placed in the reserve second line along with the cavalry.

The Iberian and Lusitanian were not inclined to meet the Romans on the open plain but would wait at their current position and fight on favourable ground.

As the Roman formation approached to within 160 paces, the light troops of Iberia and Lusitania moved forward.

The skirmishers with overwhelming number destroyed a Roman unit, but this did not stop the legion from advancing up the hill. These steadily pushed back the Iberians and taking down a number of units. 2 – 1 Rome.

Sweeping the Iberian warriors off the hill animated the supporting allied legion to redouble their efforts to destroy two more units to bring the score 4 – 1 for Rome

Seeing the Iberians in flight the Lusitanian also left the field leaving their dead on the field. The Loyal Iberians were impressed by the day’s outcome.

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