Wednesday 3 February 2016

The Tervingi

The Tervingi are mentioned in Phil Barker’s Armies and Enemies of Rome book as a Gothic people living west of the Dniester River and having close ties with the Greutungi; both of which are listed in DBA 3.0 as II/65 and II/67 respectively. The Tervingi are for the most part warriors who fought on foot in dense masses with a small number of mounted nobles.

The Hunnic invasions of the third and fourth century AD, forced the Tervingi moved to the Danube basin along with other tribes fleeing the eastern menace. These two Tervingi commands are a mix of Old Glory Visigoths, German and Dacian infantry as are the mounted figures. They are described as wearing fawn coloured clothing with a trimmed hem but not cuffs and their shields are covered with simple designs or plain leather.

Draco standards made from Milliput will be added later to the command stands and smaller versions to one or two infantry elements.   

II/65 Tervingi
1 x General (Cv), 1 x Cavalry (Cv), 8 x Warriors (4Wb), 2 x archers (Ps).

Tervingi 1

Tervingi 2

The Tervingi make interesting opponents as their time period overlap the Middle and Late Imperial Rome periods. For big battle conflicts, the Tervingi use as allies the Carpi (Dacia), for which I have three commands to select from and the Greutungi which are half mounted (3Kn) and half archers (Ps). These will make an interesting army when I return to this project.  


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