Sunday 16 August 2015

The Later Moors

The Later Moors complete my list of enemies for the Roman Empire in the west. Comprised of light Horse and “fast” infantry, these are not thought of as shock troops. A player will find himself grasping for every minute advantage to inflict an enemy casualty; highly recommended, is a large capacity for patience.

II/57 the Army.
1 x General (Cv or LH), 5 x Horsemen (LH), 6 x Javelinmen (Ax or Ps).

These figures are all Old Glory 15mm and now form two commands. All the infantry were salvaged from my extras box and a recent order of three packs of Numidian cavalry completed the mobile arm of the two armies.

Painting the figures is not particularly difficult, so I spent extra time highlighting and detailing the figures. The hide covered shields are inspired by the fine examples illustrated at the website of Little Big Man Studios. They offer Numidian decals for shields for 28mm figures.

A cloak will be added to the Commander figure as well as two standards to denote the command elements. This will have a disk with streamers hanging underneath which is similar to the Punic style, but without the Crescent symbol.

In the background are four elements of “imitation Legionnaires” are Roman trained auxiliaries which are an option if these are to be used as Numidian of the earlier period. Two of our club members have Polybian and Marian Roman armies, so they now have another enemy to contend with.



  1. Great post Robert!
    no secret I love painting/ running/commanding DBA light cavalry (divisions) armies Your Moors are perfect to spread terror and with good timing the Lh usually/should roll up one's opponents flanks.


  2. I agree completely. The next step is to use them and find the right balance of auxiliary and psiloi elements.


  3. I love the basing colours. Could you please let me know the paints and method etc..

    Thanks Jim