Saturday 2 May 2015

House of Sassan –the Asavaran cavalry

I have reached the half way mark with refurbishing the Sassanid and 27 elements of cavalry are all that remain.

When I purchased these 10 years ago, I had only Late Romans as opponents, then OG offered two types of heavy cavalry to cover an early and later period. I bought both types, but kept those half-armoured at a ratio of 1:3.

If the colours look bleached, then you are correct. This was my preferred style back then and all models were undercoated white and painted with very thin coat of paint or ink.



You will also note that many elements have flags. During the DBM period, this was my way of recognizing units, but now still have their use for DBA 3.0. 

The a) list, all nobles are 3Kn and not yet 4Kn, so are now recognizable from the Asavaran cavalry by their flags. Keeping things tidy. 


  1. Nice and very impressive!

  2. Thanks. I am very pleased at their performance against Parthia as the combination of 3Kn, 3Cv and enough 2LH give them an advantage.

    The b) list unfortunately changes the 3Kn to 4Kn and the army is now obligated to have 2 x 7Hd when fighting the Roman. Not happy about that, but that may change in time.

  3. Very nice matey, one of my mates has this army and at times they can be tough to beat.