Thursday 30 April 2015

House of Sassan –the elephant corps

According to the brief history given in DBA, the first use of elephants used by Sassan are dated at 337 AD, which these are not employed for the rebellion period or during the reign of Shapur I.

Despite their unemployment, these will receive the same treatment as the cataphract; cloth, head piece, the woodwork on the howdah and crew. 

The groundwork will be handled when all the figures have been refurbished. 

Final result


  1. Always impressive on a table...and these ones are beautiful!

  2. Thanks. But to be honest I have never used them in a game. My current Sassanid battles are based on the campaigns of Ardashir I. Earliest use of elephants is dated around 337 AD.

    I like the composition of Ardashir's army (220 - 224 AD), nobles (3Kn), asavaran (3Cv) and a goodly body of LH horse archers. Horde are an option, but no elephants.


  3. Again some nice work here.