Tuesday 15 October 2013

Building a Medieval Castle

Since my last post I have immersed myself with another project, Rome of the Severan Dynasty and her enemies. If you wish to follow the course of the armies, you will find the thread here at Fanaticus.

After constructing a cavalry fort set for the eastern frontier a request came for a tutorial. That was not a problem as I had a small castle or fortified manor on my list of projects and that brings me back here.

The soon to be published DBA 3.0 allows four category of BUA of which one is a “Fort or Castle”. The dimensions for all BUA are specified, so it is up to the player to purchase or construct these pieces. As I enjoy building my own, I prefer my structures to be slightly smaller than the 15 mm scale I game with.  

Selecting a reference

The armies for Storm Within the Empire began in Bavaria and later expanded to include Austria, Hungary, the Swiss, Trento and finally the Ottomans. While traveling through Austria I became fascinated with castles there and so set my construction project to reflect that area. 

Some examples:

From the blog Medieval Hungary is Lochenhaus, actually in Austria.

From the blog The World's 10 Scariest Haunted Castles, Moosham Castle, Austria.


You will note, the castles are set atop a mountain with a single approach leading to a gate house. The high walls protect a Keep, one or two high towers and a few two or three story structures housing all the necessary to make life comfortable. 

Next, the material, tools and a start.


  1. I´m looking Forward to the build.
    I really like the look of Lochenhaus,

  2. Hello Paul,

    All three have interesting characteristics. I may pluck the best from each for my own model.