Wednesday 10 April 2013

Mediterranean style structures

While waiting for my order of OG15 Napoleonic figures, I kept myself busy with constructing more BUA and edifices. On my projects list were buildings for the Duchy of Trento (Northern Italy).

From the bag full of useful size scraps of pink foam, I selected enough for a hamlet and a possible enclosed feature; farm or convent.

A simple bread knife is useful when shaping the building walls and roof. My first attempt need some correction as the pitch of the roof was appropriate for the snow bound regions of Germany than the warmer climate of Italy.

The roofing is packaging from tea biscuits (cookies) sold here. Scoring this would effectively create the tiles for the buildings and walls.

More later.


  1. Innovative stuff!
    Very good with recycling waste materials

  2. Cool! Will look forward to seeing the finished product. That biscuit packaging is perfect for roofing materials. Very thoughtful of the producers ;-)