Thursday 1 November 2012

Campaign participants - Bavaria (the four duchies)

The campaign, Storm Within the Empire opens at the start of the 15th century. Bavaria as we know it is split into minor duchies, each held by the sons and families of the then Emperor Louis.

Game map 1 shows the four duchies are colour-coded. Further, München and Ingolstadt are known as Upper Bavaria, while Landshut and Straubing make up Lower Bavaria. This is important, as the division reflects different geography which in DBA terms are Arable, Hilly, and Forest. As the campaign extends further to Bavarian holdings in the Lowlands, the geography around Frisia and Seeland can be classed as “Littoral”.
The below list are the residence (capital) and cities of each Duchy. If at first sight, some have a distinct advantage in size, historically, this fluctuated by further internal conflicts (family feuds) and alliances.

Upper Bavaria
München (residence), Landsberg, Tölz, Rosenheim, Wolfratshausen, Mainburg, Burglengenfeld, and Schwandorf. (8)
- Ingolstadt (residence), Friedberg, Aichach, Schrobenhausen, Rain, Neuburg, Höchstädt, Hilpolstein, Freystadt, Lauf, Hersbruck, Weiden, Floss, Vhonestrauss, Ebersberg, Wasserburg, Kufstein, Rattenberg, and Kitzbühel. (19)

Lower Bavaria
Landshut (residence), Moosburg, Erding, Müldorf, Eggenfelden, Braunau, Burghausen, and Mondsee, (8)
- Straubing (residence), Kelheim, Pfaffenber, Malersdorf, Dingolfing, Landau, Vilshofan, Deggendorf, Regen, Viechtach, Charn, Furth, Waldmünchen and Schärding. (14)

Outside the Duchy of Bavaria, are the following Free Cities:
- Garmisch, Partenkirchen, Innsbruck, Amberg, , Berchtesgaden, , Passau.
and Imperial Cities = in bold type.
-Augsburg, Nürnberg, Salzburg, Regensburg. (10)

All four duchies draw their forces from the same lists, IV/13b. As the campaign reaches the year 1440, option IV/13c can then be used until that time. Knights are not double based despite the references in the DBM(M) lists. The deployment of the wedge was not as widespread throughout the Empire and actually was a late 15th century ideal falling outside our campaign period.

IV/13b Medieval German army 1151-1439 AD:
1 x General (Kn),
3 x knights (Kn),
1 x knights (Kn) or crossbowmen, either mounted (Cv) or on foot (Cb),
1 x crossbowmen (Cb),
2 x city guards (Bd),
2 x mercenaries (Bd or Pk) or city militia (Sp) or retainers (Hd),
2 x archers (Ps).

Terrain Type: Arable. Aggression: 2


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