Thursday 12 April 2012

DBA Bohemians Book III/16

Next on my list of commission work are the Bohemians. The overall painting scheme would follow the Carolingians I painted four or five months ago with particular attention to the shields.

The figures are a mix of Baueda Lombard knights and spear, Viking Bondi and archers.

The axe wielding types are Berserkers are meant to add variation to the battle line.

I have not painted Baueda figures before and while many speak highly of them, I found these needed far more effort to clean that Old Glory or Essex 15s. They are good castings with nice broad areas to paint; clothing, belts and cloaks and also nice, the weapons were not placed close to the torso or shield.

The riders are just as nice, but I had trouble reconciling myself with the horses.

They looked odd as to which gait they should be doing; walking or trotting? They are slender compared to Essex but the harness detailing is clear.

Next on the list are the Wends III/1a.


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  1. Do you thin your bases down before working on the model?