Wednesday 26 October 2011

Carolingian Shields –

Next task were the 60 shields for the knights and heavy infantry. In an earlier post, I mentioned I would use six shield patterns and duplicate this for each plinth.

With a second colour, I createe the wedges or blades characteristic of the Frankish shields. That was the easy part. With a dark grey mix, I used a thin brush and outlined the wedges.

This is what we call in Dutch, “Monk’s work.”

The figures have been based for and all I lack is a battle standard for these two armies. The overall effect is amazing and when the flags are done, I will set them out in battle array and take photos.


  1. "monks work",,I like the saying :-D great looking shields and I like you method for painting horses!!

  2. I enjoyed doing them so much, I have a duplicate order coming.