Saturday, 6 September 2014

The War Boz

Our planned HOTT punch-up of Wednesday had to make way for an emergency and thus with some free time, I decided to refresh my barbaric skills with the Greenskins. Using the card system, I paired two 24 point armies to play three games.

While into the first game, I decided to carry my experiment a step further and have the winner of each battle absorb the opponent’s surviving elements, with each new conflict approaching a big battle scale. At least, that is the theory.
Game I
In the foreground, the 3rd Orc-Goblin army levied a lot of horde. These were stiffened with some warband and two behemoths. Across the field, the 2nd Orc-Goblin army collected enough fire-power to keep the behemoths busy and grouped about the General (Kn) two warbands. Flanking the battle line are beasts supported by Goblin scouts (LH).

The 2nd army deployed their line in a concentric circle making it difficult for the 3rd army to maintain momentum. Contact was kept to shooting from a distance, giving the LH scouts time to encircle the 3rd army.

At the right moment, 2nd army General and warbands charged downhill and clove a wedge through the 3rd army while the LH scouts took the army from the rear. A neat text book victory.

2nd Orc-Goblin army   survived                      3rd Orc-Goblin army    survived
1 General (Kn)             1 Kn                             1 General (Wb)           
3 Scouts (LH)             3 LH                            1 Warband (Wb)
4 Archers (Bw)           1 Bw                            12 Horde (Hd)             7 Hd
2 Warband (Wb)        2 Wb                           2 Behemoth (Beh)       1 Beh  
2 Beasts (Be)              2 Be

The pairing of different size armies would give a good sampling of which elements function best. 

Hordes for example have the benefit of not recoiling against most troop types while behemoths were not as intimidating as I had thought. 

Game II
The second game paired a similar horde heavy 1st army against a totally mounted 6th army of the Steppes. Lacking mobility, the 1st army massed their horde backed by the behemoths and warbands at the edge of the woods. Their general and the scouts would form a mobile reserve.

The mobile 6th formed three groups of which the smaller would move between the woods and envelop the enemy rear. The remaining two sections would form the anvil and hammer to split the enemy mass formation.

LH scouts had no problem bringing one troll to its knees while the knights supported by riders took out the warband in short order. Game was over very quickly with the 6th army claiming no losses. 

1st Orc-Goblin army    survived                      6th Orc-Goblin army    survived
1 General (Kn)               1 Kn                             1 General (Kn)              1 Kn
1 Scout (LH)                  1 LH                            1 Savage Orc (Kn)       1 Kn
2 Warband (Wb)                                              4 Riders (Cv)               4 Cv
8 Horde (Hd)                4 Hd                            6 Scouts (LH)              6 LH
2 Trolls (Beh)               1 Beh

 Game three tomorrow.


  1. Awesome! love the miniatures!

  2. Thanks Phil,

    The figures are the old Citadel and GW Warhammer lead collected some 18 yeats ago. Re-based a few times, I finally settled on HOTT so they may be used against my medieval DBA armies.