Sunday, 7 September 2014

The War Boz - continued

Game III

Game three was the hardest fought lasting at least 14 or 15 bounds with one side casting consecutively three pip rolls of “6”, while the opponent matching each with a “1”.

The 4th army’s core troops settled on the high ground with the masses filled the space between hill and woods. Their General had no real battle plan other that let the hordes soak up the arrows, roll over their line and when the time was ripe to move off the hill and claim victory.

The 5th army General forced to deal with the horde and behemoth would use the LH to strike at the rear of the oncoming avalanche. This hopefully would slow down the oncoming horde. Despite being broken into smaller column, the horde did connect taking out the archers. Oops!

With 5th Army’s best troops neutralized and 10 points down, the 4th army General confidently moved his line of spear off the hill supported by another column of horde. With only 7 horde lost victory was close at hand.

By bound 14, in a desperate move as no impression could be made against the remaining horde, one LH unit scurried off to sack 4th army camp. By this time, 4th army wall of spear were mixing it up with 5th army remnants including their General.

Bound 15 one could almost imagine Gork’s laughter coming from the skies above as both sides reached their breakpoint. 5th army lost 12 points, but 4th army 13 points and the game. Waaagh!

4th Orc-Goblin army    survived                      5th Orc-Goblin army  survived
1 General (Wb)            1 Wb                              1 General (Wb)            1 Wb
3 Spear (Sp)               3 Sp                               2 Warband (Wb)
1 Big Un (Beh)             1 Beh                              3 Spear (Sp)               3 Sp
12 Horde (Hd)             5 Hd                               3 Archers (Bw)
                                                                          2 Scouts (LH)             2 LH
                                                                         1 Squig (Be)

Next game will have both the 4th and 5th armies serve as allies to the victors of games one and two. Army 4 will join the armies 1 and 6 bringing a total of 48 points to be commanded by three generals. 

Army 5 joins 2 and 3 to bring their total to 42 points with two generals commanding.

The final battle will determine who will lead the invasion of the Reik. 

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