Monday, 25 August 2014

Er’ we go. Rest of the Mob

Orc Choopa and Slugga types are the mainstay of the Goblin-Orc army. These are all Games Workshop lead and as the entire collection are used as 15mm the figures are scaled appropriately.

Bulky Goblins now pass as Orcs, smaller types including Snotlings for the main Goblin hordes and the larger pieces, such as Black Orcs, Trolls, etc. have larger bases as Behemoths, so blend in well. The difference in size lends well to their ferocity.

These were painted 15 years ago and have kept their shine well. Not seen in the photos are the flyers or aerial scouts and another 10 Hd (goblin horde) that need rebasing.

The baggage are scratch-build carts with covers made from self-hardening clay. The Giant Boar with towers are standard Boar figures with box filled with Snotlings (Goblins).

Photo one – Orc Choopa and Slugga boyz, 22Wb, Sp or Bd

Photo two – Goblin Sneakers, 6Ps

Photo three- Squig, 3 Beasts

Photo four – Black Orcs, 2 Behemoths

Photo five – Orc Arrer boyz, 30Bw with 2 Trolls, Behemoths

Photo six – 2 Pump Wagons, Behemoth, 4 Giant Boar, Behemoth and 10 mobile baggage

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